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This was a great weekend.

Two weeks ago we had a great weekend with a friend whom I consider to be my sister – it was a long over due visit, though, it was an event her family was hosting.  Our visit was too short, as they always are.

This weekend however, was a family event – a milestone birthday for an exceptional woman.  So exceptional, she was awarded the Jubilee Medal from the Governor General this year.

It was also the first time that my dad’s side of the family got meet our little boy (keep in mind he’s 10 1/2 months old).  It was a fabulous afternoon with lots of chatter and birthday love so that in of itself was pretty special.  It was a memorable Saturday!


We thought we would come back to the farm and go back to the fair for round two at the money pit…the weather turned to rain and we ended up staying in.  We played cards which is something we haven’t been able to do for a long time it feels.  Every time Jay and I come out there’s usually lots of his family out and it’s not generally quality time.

This weekend was the first kind of, fly by the seat of your pants, go with the flow kind of thing.  It was refreshing. I am truly happy.

We ended up going back to the fair Sunday evening (yesterday) only to find that the midway was about to close at 6pm.  Not too impressive seeing as there was still live music to come and the fair itself was to close at 8.  We grabbed a disappointing dinner and hung around for an hour and then took off.



The Fair


We went to the fair today…it started out to be a working day for me for my skin care business and then turned in to an evening of family time.

Did you know that those travelling fairs are rip offs? We dropped a small fortune – though, a small fortune to someone on Maternity Leave is anything frivolous costing $2 or more.

We ate the crappy carnie food, played the games and walked around with family … who can honestly say that money was truly wasted? The pictures we’ve taken, the memories made are totally priceless.  The fresh country air will help us all sleep no doubt and dream of the 10 stuffies we brought home…including a banana dressed as Batman.

ImageI will always treasure these moments 

When I stopped to smell the roses


Since becoming a city dweller there’s things I often forget about country living.
On our drive out tonight I was actually admiring the sky and how progressively clear it was the farther we were from the city center…and it was bright – not from the light pollution…from the stars and moon!
When we arrived at our destination the air was intoxicatingly fresh. 
Why do I live in the city again?

Job Interviews


I work for a financial institution and it’s a job I’ve enjoyed from the beginning and for many different reasons.

However, being in the market for a home and just being on maternity leave in general created a need to do something light and fun.  So I took on two direct sales businesses. One is more of a hobby (jewelry) and the other, I’m really trying to make a go out of it.  In an effort to work smarter rather than harder, I’ve been trying to get people signed up under me.  Ya, I know, it’s the typical pyramid scheme. It works though.  One company has been around for more than 125 years, the one I’m actively pursuing has been around for over 30 years and my hobby has been in Canada for over 4 years (even longer in the US).

So why, when you ask someone to meet for an interview (because THEY submitted their resume via a job search site) would they be a no show?  

Despite my strong desire to be the least understanding person in the world (do they not realize my man had to have someone pick him up for work? at 6am? and I had to bring my baby, who was sleeping when I went to put him in his car seat and could have let him nap for at least an hour instead of wasting MY time sitting in a starbucks?)  I’m going to email this chick, find out what happened and let her know gently that I really need notice if bailing because preparations went in to making this meeting happen.  I’m starting to really dislike putting energy in to being nice to people who don’t care. Seriously.

Night Life


As one could imagine, when having a family your definition of going downtown changes…though we always loved walking on the waterfront, it’s pretty much all we ever do…I don’t miss the bars and the clubs despite how much fun I used to have.  This is a welcomed change…

The building behind the fountain is our city hall…where perhaps very little happens…depending on who you speak to lol.

The temperature was cool and the water was calm – made for a perfect stroll after almost 2 weeks of humid temps soaring to 40 degrees Celsius. Image!