Back Pain


A few years ago I played volleyball on Thursday nights.  This was a fun night out and a little extra cardio that I normally wouldn’t get.

The next day, I went out and did a big grocery order and ladies, wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it’s just easier to carry 10 bags in the house than make a second trip?

See where I’m getting at?  So the day after getting groceries….I was in a whole universe of pain. I had full out muscle spasm’s that would stiffen my whole body and curl my fingers and toes like I had the worst ever case of rheumatoid arthritis or was making an all too realistic impression of rigor.  Guys, I couldn’t get off the floor to go pee…it took me half an hour to  CRAWL to the bathroom (Jay was at work so what’s a girl to do?)

So eventually I get my butt to urgent care, and receive the diagnosis of a Mechanical Back Sprain.  No xray…no mri…nothing.  And oh, by the way, you’re going to have to be careful for the rest of your life now that you’ve effed up your back.  Here’s an Rx for physio.

Thanks a heap.  Physio was great though! I highly recommend it if you have insurance coverage for it!

So, as the doctor warned me, I’ve had to be careful… and every time I wasn’t, I silently suffered (don’t listen to Jay, I don’t complain THAT much) until things straightened out.

Fast forward to September/October of 2012..Baby D sleeping in his bassinet like an angel beside the bed…when he stirs because he’s hungry in the middle of the night, mama has only had a few hours of broken sleep (because I have to check his breathing every 15 minutes) I’m twisting my body in a way that a person with a bad back shouldn’t.  I didn’t realize this until December or January when I tweaked my back that I shouldn’t be doing that and it took FOR-freaking-EVER to work itself out.

Today.  I’m in excruciating pain. I thought walking around today would work it out. nope.  laying horizontal is the only way my spine will love me.  My almost 11 month old son?  He has his own agenda which doesn’t include letting mama lay down unless it’s his nap time.

This girl needs to get healthy…it’s the only way my back problems will lessen.  How do people stay so committed to walking (I’m not going to fork out wads of money on a gym membership that I’ll use religiously for a month and then never again)?  I live in a great area for walking but to be truthful internet, I’m lazy. I want to be healthy, I’ve been healthy in the past but I get bored…so helpful tips and tricks on how to keep walking fresh and interesting (maybe I need to take my camera along?) are greatly appreciated!


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  1. Music! Download a bunch of really good upbeat tunes that will keep you motivated. Or plan weekly walking dates with a friend/Jay. Walking is great exercise but maybe try other forms of exercise as well – I only ever stick to the activities I find fun. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point?

  2. Walking is all I really want to do right now – I have to build up my cardio/stamina again…it should be easy enough to just go out with the stroller and baby in tote but some days I need the extra push. I’ve totally fallen off the wagon of downloading music…I haven’t rejected technology because I’m writing a blog, but when it comes to music and movies, I plead ignorance! Jay’s the official techie!

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