Facebook Rant


Has anyone who admin’s a facebook account read the recent proposal to change the privacy agreement? 

I suggest you do…and make sure to check your settings and to google yourself…and even check the images on google.  You might just see how easy it is to find yourself and how scarily easy it would be for a catfish to get up in your business.

Now, my facebook is pretty tight (I think)…I try to make it hard for people to find me on purpose.  I generally try to keep it to people who I actually talk to, including friends and family and a few coworkers who contribute something positive to my life.  I’m not out to set any records for having a shit ton of friends.

However, I have an issue with facebook distributing people’s photos and videos just because a)they honestly don’t know how to change their settings or b) they’re just ignorant to the issue which most would say “to each their own”…but I don’t think it’s fair.  

They are saying that they reserve the right to do this…to take the pictures and videos (depending on the privacy settings) and distribute them…like facebook isn’t already a forum to exploit oneself. Seriously.  People already lose jobs or are denied jobs because of their facebook accounts.  Is it really necessary for them to further exploit people so they can gain some $$? obviously.

Was I hallucinating one day when I saw a show where the girl had never taken part of a weightloss program and yet her photo was on the television commercial or website?


Go Google yourself. right now.  Hey – don’t forget to check the images section like I said!!!

In the meantime, I’m going to be working on minimizing my facebook page, including photos and videos. Which makes me sad.  I post for my friends and family who live provinces away…I even have a friend who lives in the States who keeps tabs on the famjam through facebook. And now I’m going to deconstruct it because the site sucks so much and you know what? I’m going to break up with it. Ha!  

*sigh*  Before I ramble on anymore, I must say good night to you all.  🙂  

Stay cyber safe! 


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