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Catching up


I’ve not intentionally taken a hiatus…some more changes are taking place in order to achieve our goal of buying a home.

I will officially be working from home starting Sept. 10th!  It guarantees me enough hours to squeak by and meet the requirements.

My original position with the F.I. will remain the same (I’m casual so a few hours here and there will keep me afloat there).  My 2 direct sales jobs are also status quo…trying to keep up with the bare minimum until I can get settled with this new job.

My soon to be toddler took his first solo crawl around the house…today he’s throwing things and chasing after them…and holy crap can he move…I’m going to be in BIG trouble when he transitions from his knees to his little feet.  The good news? There’s my cardio!

So not only am I now in pursuit of specific office equipment, I need to get those baby gates and plug covers and drawer clips that we’ve been procrastinating on getting.  Oh and child care? ouff.  It’s now not a matter of *waaah my baby has to be with someone else all day* it’s: *waaah, how the hell am I going to find someone in a week and a half to babysit part time*?!

So things are a tad bit out of sort around here….I was literally offered a position minutes after the interview process which took place on a Friday.

I was scrambling last week to get a desk, hot pursuit of a telephone head set that doesn’t cost over $100 and at the same time meets the specs of the company. oh ya, and have the worst cough of my life…maybe it was bronchitis? who knows, don’t have time for the doctor lol.

Today, I feel like things are actually coming together (aside from the babysitting)…my home office is coming together (still have to take pictures and send them to the company along with model/serial #’s of my equipment), we have a birthday to go to today, I think I found a headset compliments of Ebay (I felt like myself 8 years ago combing ebay instead of kijiji which was kind of cute), my cough is better though my muscles are still angry at me and we go camping next weekend!  Did I mention my kid had a double ear infection? He’s much better after day 7 of 10 of medicine, eating me out of house and home and crawling everywheeeeere.

PS. We’re still totally in love with our Journey.  Just sayin’.

I also took on another baby, well, toddler as of tomorrow she is.  Just until I start my new job so this house has been cray cray with babies!  I’m thankful every day that I did not have twins!  But also thankful to have an opportunity to give D a little playmate in the comfort of our home 🙂

Anyways, I have limited time to get a grocery list together, my kid down for a nap and fed again before the birthday get together and tidy up the office and take pictures and maybe do some laundry….

side note: my kid is killing himself laughing right now sitting in front of our tower fan…not sure what’s so funny?!

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend everyone! It’s a beautiful day today in my area and it’s supposed to rain and thunder tomorrow 🙂