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Camping in September


I went camping this past weekend with the famjam and it went a lot better than I had braced myself for.

We left late Friday and arrived at Presqu’ile around 630pm so we scrambled to get our tent set up, the air mattress blown up and playpen positioned.

It took about 2 hours to get the tent set up (of course we had a space heater because of the wee lad) and stocked up with our necessities.  It was pitch black out by the time we sat down for dinner….

Saturday was gloomy, rainy, drizzly and blah.  It didn’t stop our camping group from playing bocci ball, ladder golf and dominos.  We certainly made the best of a wet day – many, many tarps kept us dry.

Has anyone camped with a toddler before?  I suggest you do – I loved having my little guy outside, in nature and with some of his family.  Lucky for us, Jay’s dad has a tent trailer (equipped with a furnace no less) and little D had his naps in there saturday.

I didn’t get an opportunity to take any pictures until Sunday…it was so beautiful after such a crappy night of down pouring rain (we stayed dry in the tent, booya!).



I took a little walk around, we were steps away from lake ontario and if anything was going to remind me of the Atlantic (minus the lack of salty air), this was it:





Since we were there for only a short time, I’d like to go back maybe next July and give it another shot..maybe bring the bikes so we can travel around the park without having to fire up the car (there’s a lighthouse at this particular park that I would have loved to see).



Next time, we’ll also be a little more picky about the site…sleeping on an angle wasn’t so much tricky as it was annoying…the site we set up on was actually the neighbouring site.  Our site, we went in on with Jay’s cousin but the slope of the site was so bad only one tent could set up to take advantage of the flattest part…


D slept so well Friday and Saturday and above is his morning nap Sunday!

I think we’ll continue taking our little guy camping…he loved being outside as much as we did.  I don’t know what it was that made it easy (despite the weather) but I can’t say enough, take your kids camping at least twice in one summer to see how your family does (the first time is like a trial run and the second trip you’ll know what worked, didn’t work, if you had too much or too little of something).  It’s soooo worth the planning and the memories are second to none.

Our camping season has come to a close and with that has left me with excitement for the next season (and the idea that maybe we should save for a tent trailer should our family ever get bigger lol)!


While my little one sleeps



This picture was actually taken July 13 in Ottawa.

So today I went to put D down for his nap (in my bed so I could lay down too and give my back a break) and I didn’t turn the t.v on – I just had his soother and his little scout dog playing environmental sounds (love the dog btw).

I literally snuggled my boy until he fell asleep (surprisingly, he let me).

It didn’t take very long, maybe 10 minutes for him to settle down but I watched him drift in to sleep and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced as a mom.

The whole giving birth thing was a gong show and a story for another day….

I cherish the days that he remains solely dependant on Jay and I because one day I’m going to wake up and my little boy will say to me, “see ya later mom and dad, I’m going out for the day with my buds”.  Though I see that as bittersweet and maybe a mini right of passage, it will be the moments like I had today that I will fondly remember and be proud of the man he’s growing up to be.