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Appreciating my Mother 


This weekend I helped my mom celebrate her birthday doing things she enjoys which works out great because I enjoy the same things and that makes for a great day. 

So away we went, both kids packed up in the car and we drove off… The weather has been so rotten the last few days and today was no better. Cold temperatures, with a windchill no less and it was pouring rain. I still took the most scenic route possible to our destination because the colours of the leaves, waterfront views and just the overall peacefulness of the drive. I wasn’t sure if my mom would appreciate it as much as I had hoped because of the rain but it appeared as though she was really soaking it in. 

While we shopped, the kids kept us distracted, mainly the four year old because you know, he’s a boy lol. However, there were moments in there where I could really focus on my mom while she held the baby or listening to the four year old telling his stories and in those moments I found myself truly appreciating her.  

This comes after a few years of strain because we all cohabitated together.  When the hubs and I moved out after buying our first home, my relationship with my mom was amazing. It’s still really good to this day and I’m so appreciative of her now, more than ever. It’s taken 31 years and two kids for me to really see my mom as a human being. 

Kind of crazy. It’s like graduating high-school and the first time you see your favorite teacher. When you greet them with their proper name or abbreviated name like Mr. A…. And your teacher is all, my name is Chris. Lol. Ya ok, whatever you say Mr. A. Lol. 

Anyways, long story short, it’s taken me 31 years to see my mom as a human being and not some super human who will always be around and knows everything. I’ve loved her through all the ups and downs all the same but now there’s a level of appreciation that I never had before. 

Funny how having kids of your own changes your perspective on so many things and on so many levels. 

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂