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Kids Soccer


Has anyone enrolled their child in to organized sports? I’m  willing to bet most parents have. 

My four year old recently started playing organized soccer and I must say, I can already see a diverse population of adults around the field. 

Let me premise this by saying, I’ve never tried to teach a group of children anything in my entire life. Volunteering in my son’s class was no preparation for coaching soccer. Oh, did I mention I’m coaching my son’s soccer team? A small brood ranging from almost 4 years old to 6? Yeah. I’m not entirely sure I made the right decision either. 

At best, both my husband and I played baseball growing up and we’d be better suited baseball parents but our kid has a knack for running and kicking, which is why we chose soccer this summer. 

So, getting back to the diverse population of adults around the field…my interactions with parents have been limited in person, and pretty well communicate via text all of the time. If you don’t know what it is I do for work, I’m front line customer service in a bank. Guys, I’m a people person at work, just not anywhere else. I also love and adore my kids, I just don’t love  and adore all kids. 

My soccer kids are actually not bad. (one practice and one game in to the season, check back with me in a month or so). They’re cute kids, energetic and enthusiastic, everything I absolutely expect from an average 4/5 year old. Does that mean I can hold their attention? Nope. 

Can I get them to follow a direction using as few words as possible so I don’t confuse them? 


One mom graciously offered to help get the kids on track with listening and following direction and help run some drills at practice. She’s also a teacher of the kindergarten variety so she likely has all the tricks. So i’m game (pun intended). 

Now, the whole point of this post is, in a tyke division how competitive should we be and when does it cross the line? 

The average player is 4 or 5 years old, generally first timers and with kids they likely see at school. 

I’ve seen coaches running drills on these kids like winning is the only option. My mind set is, let’s run these kids so they go to bed early, ha! 

So here I am, completely new to soccer, completely new to coaching, already have a parent wanting to help – could it be a competitive parent trying to be polite and her helping may actually be frustration in my lack of knowledge and skills with kids? I’m hoping not but one can never be sure. 

Do I want the kids to win some games? Sure I do. I’d also like to see a few losses because there’s a valuable lesson in losing – it’s totally cliche but I feel in this world we’re in now, it’s all about serving the kids, making sure that they have great grades even if they didn’t deserve it. Kids are being taught to argue and complain until they get their way and seriously guys, this is not how the world works! 

I’m at the older end of the Millennials and have a 50/50 mindset of old school/new school and I have to say, old school line of thinking wins quite a bit. 

So, I’m going to wrap this up, I’m using the app vs. Website and my carpal tunnel is killing me. 

Getting old is such a joy. 

Anyways, drop me a story about your kids being in sports when they were younger! I’m curious to know if anyone truly enjoyed being in the sidelines or was it a nightmare?! 

Ta ta!